Timecode DA with Dual Power Supply – coming soon

The new version of the longitudinal timecode distribution amplifier builds on the success of our single supply version, providing a dual power supply for operation in broadcast critical environments.

There is also a PSU & timecode fail facility for remote monitoring.

Our 19” rack-mounted longitudinal timecode distribution amplifiers are available in six dual power supply combinations of XLR and BNC input and ouput connectors. Designed especially for central technical areas, radio & TV, outside broadcast environments, PSC camera and field equipment jamming.

SKU A-DP 205520: XLR input with 6 XLR and 6 BNC outputs
SKU B-DP 205521: XLR input and 12 XLR outputs
SKU C-DP 205522: BNC input and 12 BNC outputs
SKU D-DP 205523: BNC input and 12 XLR outputs
SKU E-DP 205524: BNC input with 6 XLR and 6 BNC outputs
SKU F-DP 205525: XLR input with 12 BNC outputs

Other variations can be supplied upon request.

Technical Specification