501T Mic Pre with transformers

The Alice 501T is a straight forward no-nonsense high-performance transformer balanced microphone preamplifier from our new 500 lunchbox range of products.

This mic pre is designed around our legendary XTX131v2 matchamp which achieves a noise performance which is typically less than 0.5dB from theoretical Johnsons noise when used with 150-200-ohm microphones. We have significantly improved the common mode rejection making the device ideal for critical studio and location recordings as well as outside broadcasts where high levels of interference are common.

The mic pre has been designed to pass through audio signals with crystal clear transparency. We have also redesigned the RF filter circuitry to further improve interference rejection.

Hand selected high quality OEP audio transformers have been used on the input and output stages which provides exceptional electrical isolation between devices.

Technical specification:

Maximum input level: +24dBu
Maximum output level +23dBu
Performance at 60dB gain with 150-ohm source:
Relative input noise: 131.3dB (30Hz-15kHz)
Common mode rejection ratio: 105dB @ 10kHz
Distortion @ 0dBu output: 0006% THD
CMRR: better than 50dB
Gain range: +32dB to +74dB

Download Datasheet